Our Story

Harnessing elements from the realm of EDM fused with the kind of sound you’d hear at a rock concert circa the 60s and 70s, Miscomunicado has successfully teased the curiosity of audience members with a sound that is almost as unconventional as their name.”

Saruh Fenton (The Rocky Mountain Collegian)

Directly from the depths of the psychedelic frontier comes a sonic experience unlike anything the ether has ever birthed. MISCOMUNICADO has been generating waves in the Colorado area that are quickly radiating in all directions. With a unique approach to music the Future Classic Rock ensemble  creates an experience you must witness for yourself to fully understand.  MISCOMUNICADO gathers exciting elements of music from the last five decades, taking modern music to a new plateau. Powerful guitars and soulful lyrics are the forefront to what they call, “Live Sound Manipulation", an electronic dance journey. Coupled with the expertise of video projection artist, SkEYEfi, the band’s live performance creates a wonderful sensory exploration for everyone.
    Three unlikely friends originally from suburban Philadelphia, banded together to start spreading their message of positivity. Totally unaware of what this journey would evolve into, they strived to draw influence from all over the board. Each member contributes an entirely unique musical background which greatly expands the groups sound. Determined to cultivate this unusual experience, MISCOMUNICADO relocated to Fort Collins, Colorado in 2011 with a fierce drive to share their awareness with the rest of the universe.
    Over the course of a few years the quartet has landed themselves firmly into the collective consciousness of Northern Colorado; rapidly expanding their fan base with each show. Fans, friends, and music critics alike have all recognized the band’s uncanny knack for improving with each new release and every live performance. Their momentum continues spreading the message and draws fans back to each show. 
    Not only has their audio-visual experience quickly reached a large amount of music fans, but they continue to spread their message to music lovers of every genre. Drawing from an abundance of musical styles has enabled MISCOMUNICADO to be a perfect match for a massive palette of musicians. In the last few years they’ve shared the stage with nationally touring acts such as G-Love & Special Sauce, The Werks, Dopapod, Cisco Adler, Twiddle, Mod Sun, and have also hosted headlining shows at nearly every major venue in Northern Colorado. 
    Their highly anticipated fifth album, "Fun-Land Express" was unveiled to the eyes and ears of the world on 07/22/2016. MISCOMUNICADO attracts the heart and focus of anyone in their journey leaving your brain in a comfortable yet fiery state with nothing to do but joyously question your own existence…and once you’ve gone there, your mind can never return to it’s original shape.