1. Love Hz

From the album Fun-Land Express

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Track 1 our fifth full-length album, "Fun-Land Express".
Mastered by Preston Rahbari.


2016. All rights reserved.



Whether you like it or not, I’ve got women wishing that they never tied the knot. So I hit the nails on the head with a ‘crack!’ Scratch that, I’ll put them in your back and you’ll be loving that…I’ll keep you coming back. So you stumble in circles mumbling words that you can’t even sing... Then it’s suddenly next year, how did I get here? Oh! I can’t remember! I know I didn’t feel a thing! No, I didn’t feel a thing! Call me if you want some time between the notes, it’s all you’ll ever find. All you’re going to ever find. Saw you in a dream and I keep on thinking that you’re going to come to life. I've got to have you, so I’m going to make you mine. Echoes through the valley say, “I’m just not up your alley anymore…” Shall we dance around these eggshells you keep pulling straight up through the floor? I’ve got me a mind to lose- do it before I get old. Everything is mine to use, but nothing is ever mine to hold. Wasting time to look outside, the universe is only in your mind. You’ll create what you design but no one studies for the test of time.