From the album Fun-Land Express

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Track 3 our fifth full-length album, "Fun-Land Express".
Mastered by Preston Rahbari.


2016. All rights reserved.


All these girls are spooky as the grin within a movie of effectively dissecting days, but every way they’re gloomy. At forty-two o’clock, in traffic, smoking on the street, I get a glorious inoculative graphic to the beat and it looks like….. Jaw bones wallow in the shadow of a raw coalition in transitional flow; and the fragments on the floor turn to stagnant dinosaurs. They’re hasty for a taste that they have never had before! So we must get a grip! Get a grip! This water feels cool, I think I’ll take another dip. We found the mother ship on the strip. They’re cracking down the whip, I’m going to cash in all my chips now, baby.