From the album Fun-Land Express

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Track 4 our fifth full-length album, "Fun-Land Express".
Mastered by Preston Rahbari.


2016. All rights reserved.


As soon as we awaken, she’ll be takin’ just whatever I give her. Solid as a rock, man! Poppin’ like a blister! Keep your cool if you see me kiss her. Sorry mister, but I’ve seen your sister slither like a physical lizard cutting up a rug with a fistful of scissors. Spell it like a mystical wizard. Tearing through the twister, blowing up the blizzard. Okay, you can have my stomach for dinner. Zeal with a meal makes you feel much thinner. I chase her face with a full glass of liquor. Ooo! I’ve got the jitters, baby! This ain’t for beginners! So I seal up the windows for the winter. I’ve got dishes in the sink, no ink in the printer, but I’m coming up quicker than a sprinter because I continue to keep on that intimate mixture. Darling are we going to throw a party? Are we starting an inner-safari? Let me break this down for you…The ship rocks, I pivot with it so smooth. I think you keep humming the same old tune. Well, that’s that! The cold hard facts! I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do! If you’re on a mission, baby, say “come on, come on, yeah!” If you’ve gone the distance lately, say “come on, come on, yeah!” If you’re playing a different game, say “come on, come on, yeah!” If you’re body is feeling crazy, say “come on, come on, yeah!” Come on! Come on! Yeah! Wide awake when I’m alone. Slides along the sidewalk to somebody else’s home. Raising prices on our time. Go ahead and take off the disguise you know I recognize. In the midst of a beach full of swimmers I’m assisting women with their new transmitters. You can get rich, but it won’t make you bigger. There’s no room for nobody to be bitter. Soo, class dismissed!  All your dreams are going to come true! I’ve got some business that I need to go attend to... She still don’t talk to me the way that she used to, well maybe this is something that I should get used to. Baby, this is something that I could get used to. You can get rich but it won't make you bigger. Darling are we going to throw a party? Are we starting an inner-safari?