1. Sock Hop

From the album Fun-Land Express

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Track 12 our fifth full-length album, "Fun-Land Express".
Mastered by Preston Rahbari.

2016. All rights reserved.



I’ve had the sun shower blues since I turned twenty-two. Rolling golden flowers often, I let lions on the loose. I’m on the moon this afternoon. I like my love like a lagoon…Separated from the hatred, I can only see the truth. Let’s get real. Let’s get wild. Let’s get real like it’s going out of style. Let’s get real. Let’s get wild. Let’s get real, everybody can stay for a while. Someone perfect finally said it, “Love don’t hurt unless you let it!” I try to get it, get it all from you. All the girls can find me after hours in a shroud of laughter. Take me higher, baby! Let those flowers bloom! Higher, higher, higher! Let the tidal wave resume!